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Introducing our stunning 8.5 oz Mercury Delight+Lid - the perfect addition to any candle collection! Crafted from high-quality glass and finished with a silver mercury outer layer, these tumbler jars offer a regal touch to any space. The speckled effect of the silver mercury finish adds an element of glamour, making these jars not only practical but a unique piece of decor long after the candles have been burned. Complete with a sturdy lid, these tumblers offer protection and preservation for your candles, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Don't miss out on this statement piece that is sure to elevate any room in style!

8.5 oz Mercury Delight+Lid

Mercury Delight
  • Height

    3.386" +/-0.079" (8.6 cm +/-0.2 cm)

    Inside Diameter

    3.03" +/-0.06" (7.7 cm +/-0.15 cm)

    Outside Diameter

    3.2" +/-0.06" (8.1 cm +/-0.15 cm)

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